Hydrocarbon sensor


The SE-V2 field sensor is a device for detecting hydrocarbon vapors in the field. It is installed in monitoring wells to detect the concentration of hydrocarbon gases in the soil and detect leaks early, avoiding soil or groundwater contamination, reducing environmental impact.

The SE-V2 hydrocarbon sensor is mainly made up of two components: the head and the sensor. The latter detects mixtures of alcohol and naphtha, A2M, JP4, JP5.

The hydrocarbon sensor for field leak detection is based on a solid state element that varies its electrical resistance depending on the concentration of hydrocarbon vapors present. It then transmits a signal proportional to the detected hydrocarbon concentration to our TANK Black ATG system.

Our automatic tank gauge systems has an integrated leak console to alert, through light and sound, of anomalies in the terrain detected by the sensors.

The ground sensor has the advantage of having no parts that need to be replaced, which makes maintenance easy.

• Detection of hydrocarbon vapors.
• Detection of mixtures of alcohol and naphtha, A2M, JP4, JP5.
• Measurement in monitoring well.
• Simple maintenance since it does not have parts that need replacement.