Micro Tank


  • Level measurement with high accuracy.
  • Product temperature in tank.
  • Obtaining net and gross volume.
  • Alarm for: Refill level. Critical level. High water level.
  • Possibility of connecting different types of probes:
    *Pump Stick Pro
    *Capacitive (up to 1.5 meters)
    *Pressure probe
  • Connection through mobile phone.
  • Configuration from Head Office.

Access to the database remotely from the Head Office.
The database is saved with limited history: between 7 days to 30 days.


Micro Tank is a remote ATG equipment, aimed at controlling the fuel stored in a single tank with all the power of the TANK Black.

This new version is a fundamental tool for tank truck stock control. With its integrated GPS, it allows knowing the movement of the vehicle and establishing the time and place in which the fuel was unloaded.

It allows different types of probes to be connected such as: Pump Stick Pro probe, capacitive probes (up to 1.5 meters), pressure probe and, configuration from Head Office, our cloud management system.

In the case of detecting overfilling, it sends a signal through its output which can be used, for example, to stop the intake pump and thus, to avoid spills.