Rigid Magnetostrictive Probes for Automatic Tank Gauge Systems


PUMP STICK PRO Rigid Magnetostrictive Probes for Automatic Tank Gauge Systems are level sensors designed for measuring fuels and other liquids in tanks.

These ATG probes have two floats, one to measure the fuel level and the other to determine the water level inside the tank.

Pump Stick PRO Tank Gauge system´s probes work with magnetostrictive technology, which provides continuous and highly accurate measurements. On the other hand, it has a sensor that will allow you to make temperature compensation in each measurement, to determine net and gross volume of the product.

As an option, you can include a density meter to measure the density of the fluids in the tank.

All these values are transmitted by the probe to our TANK Black ATG Console where the user can read them in a simple and graphic way.

These magnetostrictive probes have a measurement range that goes from 30cm to 400cm in height.

There are two types of Rigid Magnetostrictive Probes for Automatic Tank Gauge Systems, wired and wireless.

Wireless probes were designed to avoid civil works on sites or loading yards and obtain considerable savings when installing a wet stock control system in your fuel tanks.

Wireless probes include a router and an antenna that connects to our TANK Black Automatic Tank Gauge system. This router automatically communicates with up to 32 probes with a maximum distance range of 1 km in open spaces.

The router makes efficient use of the probe battery to maximize the life of the probe, which can last between 1 and 2 years.



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