TANK Black


  • Monitoring of up to 19 tanks with wired or wireless probes.
  • Detection of water in tanks.
  • Leak detection. It allows to connect sensors to monitor leaks in double-walled tanks, sump riser, sump dispenser, and hydrocarbon vapor in terrain.
  • Remote, sound, and light alarm.
  • Pump shut-off system.
  • Manual product entry and automatic product entry detection.
  • Transfer of fuel among tanks.
  • Access to data by touch screen or by a PC in the station network.
  • Color and touch display in front of the console that makes navigation more user-friendly.
  • It allows to continue operating in the event of a power failure.
  • Configuration of display unit in display.

We have a complete line of leak sensors for double-walled tanks, containment sumps, and dry wells.


TANK Black allows you to monitor all fuel movements that occur in each of the tanks at your service station from the equipment display and from our Head Office cloud system.

From the local access or from Head Office, it is possible to configure tanks, to generate reports on the fuel flow in each of them, to activate critical status alerts, and to synchronize them with the wireless alarm.

In addition, our new TANK Black ATG – Automatic Tank Gauging system has integrated a complete line to connect sensors and to detect leaks in double-walled tanks, in containment sumps, and in monitoring wells.