Electronic Computer for commercial dispensers – GC22


  • Configurable parameters by menu.
  • Work with mass flow meters.
  • Control of 2 hoses simultaneously.
  • Display of the amount, total volume dispatched, and the previous dispatch.
  • Communication with centralized control systems.
  • Configuration of the maximum filling pressure.
  • Compensation according to ANSI/IAS NGV 4.1 – 1999.
  • LPI to analyze and to fill the tank accurately and safely.
  • Measurement in kilograms, Nm3, GGE, GLE.
  • Backup of the information and configuration of the equipment in the event of possible power outages.
    220/110VAC or 24VDC.


GC22 is the electronics used in a large number of CNG/NGV dispensers in Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

The GC22 is a state-of-the-art electronic device for the control of CNG/LPG dispensers. It can be configured to achieve maximum precision in dispatches through a menu with more than 60 programmable parameters. In addition, its LPI mode uses a specialized algorithm that analyzes the characteristics of the tank to be filled to automatically carry out the process accurately and safely. GC22 can also be accessed remotely for authorization of dispatches, for inquiries about the status of the dispenser, and for edition and for reading of parameters.

It is the most advanced and reliable solution on the market in computers for CNG dispensers. The strength and prestige of this equipment are guaranteed by its development with 20 years of experience in CNG and 12,000 dispensers with the GC21. In addition, it is certified by the CSA in the USA.