Forecourt Controller – PAM+

PAM-PC+ allows to:

  • Configure and control dispensers.
  • Predetermine sales.
  • Control of shift, day, and month closures.
  • Modify prices from the equipment.
  • Adjust fuel densities.
  • Carry out emergency stops at pumps.
  • Make prepaid and postpaid dispatches.
  • Register the different means of payment.
  • Print personalized tickets.
  • Set different user levels.
  • Communicate and integrate with other control solutions.


The PAM+ fuel dispenser controller registers and stores all the dispatches of your service station, of both fuel and CNG dispensers. It allows local access through an IP address and remote access through its embedded website. PAM+ is the ideal solution for handling any gas station, whether it handles large or small volumes of fuel.

This product has the ability to work independently or in conjunction with other systems (either our Head Office cloud system and/or different points of sale you are already working with), exchanging recorded data instantly with each one of them.

It is a compact strong equipment with no moving parts that simplifies business administration and allows automatic control of your service station since, among other advantages, it allows you to configure the forecourt, make price changes and generate shift, day, and month reports, totalizing by product, by supplier, by suctions, and by means of payment, directly from any PC located in your LAN network.

Forecourt Controller – PAM+ allows the acquisition of data from our Automatic Tank Gauging – ATG – to be able to completely control the fuel stock (reconciliation of income and outcome). It is worth noting that, being an industrial hardware, it practically does not require maintenance.


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