Calculator electronic register – KI-04

Gasoline-diesel pumps.
LPG dispensers (liquified).
Remote control of dispatches in dispensers.
Measurement and control of dispatches to tank trucks.
Measurement of product input to tanks.
Record of dispatches made by a tank trunk.
Assignment of dispatches to a certain vehicle or client.

Predetermination of the load volume.
Keyboard programming with 4 access levels, password protected.
Menu in Spanish or English.
Protection of information against power outages.
Pulse ratio configurable input.
Admission of pulse transmitters of 1 or 2 channels.
Power: 220VAC, 110VAC or 12/24VDC.

Volume compensation by temperature.
Status indicator beacons.
Integration with centralized control systems.
Update, control, and precision in each fuel movement.


The KI-04 is an electronic meter register for fuel dispensers manufactured with advanced technology after years of development. This equipment is ideal for upgrading the head of mechanical dispensers or for controlling high-flow volumetric meters.

The calculator electronic register KI-04 offers unique features in the market, allowing a comprehensive solution. Among its main features are: predetermination of dispatches, total volumes, temperature compensation, and inviolability of its records.