KI-OIL Oil Digital Register


KI-OIL is an electronic register to accurately measure and control oil deliveries. If you are looking for accuracy and keep records of your oil deliveries/transactions, this is the solution for your company. With two dispensing points and six hoses, KI-OIL will allow you to dispense multiple types of oil at the same time, without compromising accuracy.

This electronic oil registers guarantees maximum precision in dispatches, thanks to its configuration of six types of oil and the possibility of presetting the number of liters to be dispatched by each hose. In addition, the KI-OIL is 24 VDC powered that makes it efficient in energy terms.

Due to its automatic cut-off feature, KI-OIL will help  you avoid dispensing errors and keep accurate records of dispensed volumes. In addition, KI-OIL has communication protocol to talk to Fuel Management Systems and  have transactions storage for  further analysis.


If you are looking for an electronic register  to control oil dispatches, KI-OIL is the solution that you need.

Great accuracy, user friendly and communication capabilities, KI-OIL will cover all your needs to maximize and optimize your operation.

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