Fleet mini dispatch control module


Fleet Mini fuel dispatch control module, is an IoT solution for private fleets suitable for working outdoors and in hostile conditions, for example, in a mine.

It has an integrated KI-04 electronic computer for fuel dispatch and a touch screen that allows viewing all the necessary information on the dispatch in progress and the fuel stock in the tanks (optional).

With this fuel manager system, you will be able to identify fleet vehicles or drivers, automate loading authorization, keep track of and record fuel dispatches and consumption in the cloud.

This fuel consumption control module records all dispatches, and associates vehicles and/or drivers through RFID Tags such as key rings, cards and gunpoint reading.

Each vehicle will have permits and restrictions for loading, for example, the number of liters that can be supplied per day or per week.

The Fleet Mini dispatch control module supports up to two fuel hoses, giving you the possibility of controlling the dispatch of Fuel and Diesel from the same point.

You can opt for a connection via Network or Wi-Fi so that our product registers all the information in real time in Head Office, our solution in the cloud, offering you to have all the necessary data, reports and graphs from any place and device with access to Internet.

As an option, you can have a state-of-the-art telemetry system for two fuel tanks. In this way you will be able to carry out an inventory reconciliation to warn of shortages or fuel leaks.

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