Flame Detector Blaze-Detector


  • Detection of a candle flame at a distance of 3 meters.
  • Departures:

or Modbus RS485 RTU.

o NO/NC relays. One indicates the presence of flame.



Blaze-Detector is a flame detector suitable for installation in explosive atmospheres, it provides the necessary and required safety conditions in this type of installation.

Flame sensor based on UV detection that produces a flame. His technology allows him to detect a candle flame from 3 meters away.

This flame detector Blaze-Detector has alarm and indicator light. It has relay outputs to give the corresponding alarms, in addition to communicating them by Modbus RS485 RTU connection.

The equipment activates an alarm when it detects the presence of a flame and informs it through the following means:

  1. a) Modbus RTU.
  2. b) Activates or deactivates relay output 2 according to the NC/NO mode configuration.
  3. c) Steady red indicator light.

Its design allows it to have low maintenance, making it a solution to those on the market.