Flame, methane, and heat-source detector - Miker II


The Miker II is a flame, methane, and heat-source detector that, in environments with the presence of gases, provides the necessary and required safety conditions in commercial and industrial installations where there is a risk of fire or explosion due to the presence of liquid or gaseous fuels.

This equipment is used inside an explosion-proof box and is marketed in such a way that it is ready to be installed, even in environments with explosion risk.

The detector (which also has Modbus communication via RS485) is programmed to send out an alarm warning due to flame detection, to reach a certain percentage of LEL in the air/methane explosive mix or to detect a source of heat in the environment.


  • Explosive mix detection at two programmable points within the range of 0% to 100% of the LEL (alarm level 1 and alarm level 2).
  • Detection of a candle flame at a distance of 5 meters.
  • Heat source detection.
  • Three open collector alarm outputs: one for flame, one for methane, and one for heat source.
  • Alarm in case of equipment power failure.
  • Power supply from 12 to 24VDC (+10% / -20%).
  • Modbus communication via RS485.

The equipment is offered in different versions:

  • Flame detector
  • Methane detector
  • Hot source detector
  • Other possible combinations with each other.

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