Nitrogen monitor with oxygen displacement measurement NITROXYM


  • O2 concentration measurement ranging from 0% to 21%.
  • Response time less than or equal to 3 seconds.
  • Expected average cell life: 2 years.
  • 4 auxiliary outputs for alarms.
  • High or low risk alarm due to low oxygen concentration.
  • High or low risk alarm due to high oxygen concentration.
  • Visible and audible alarm for:
    -High or low oxygen concentration.
    -Cell disconnection.
    -Low battery.
  • Protection of information in the event of possible power outages.
  • Power supply with 220VAC 50//60HZ +10% -20% or with internal 12VDC battery (110VAC optional).


NITROXYM is a device that monitors the concentration of oxygen in the environment and, given a low concentration, for example, allows a different set of actions such as turning the ventilator on or sending out an alarm.