Electronic metering gun for oil


The electronic metering gun, Samoa brand, is made of aluminum. Provided with an oval gear volumetric chamber and electronic meter with a multifunctional digital readout for an easy control of the real volume dispatched in each operation. It has an ergonomic handle covered with a non-slipping material attached to the cantor body by means of a flanged coupling which ensures a perfect alignment and sealing between them. Lockable flow regulation trigger. Ball-bearing swivel joint with oversized filters on the outlet connection.



Measurement and control of mineral or synthetic oils of different functions such as: motorcycle, gear or differential lubricants, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluids, cooling or antifreezing fluids, etc.
Configurations with outlet extension that facilitate the application depending on the required use: filling motorcycle crankcases, gearboxes and groups, hydraulic or coolant tanks.
In the automotive, aeronautical, railway, maritime, machinery (industrial, construction or agricultural) sectors and more.

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