PM2 Series Pneumatic Piston Pumps

– Ratio 3:1 short, for wall mounting QMax 35L/min

Low pressure pneumatic pumps for the transfer and supply, at medium flow rates, of lubricating or industrial oils through simple distribution systems with lower viscosities with hose reels and meters.

– Ratio 1:1 for glycol-based coolants QMax 55L/min

Low pressure pneumatic pump, specially protected against corrosion, suitable for high flow transfer of glycol-based coolants through hoses or piping circuits with hose reels and meters.



Both designed for mounting on drums or tanks, for direct or wall mounting, using the appropriate fluid suction accessories.

They include a 2”(M) adapter and a pressure relief valve. The design ensures high performance with low power consumption.

Alternative pneumatic drive motor, differential type, maintenance free. Double acting pump piston.