Alpres Monitor – Alpres M2


  • Monitoring of up to 16 Alpreses.
  • Display of the Alpreses from the LCD screen or from a PC on your network.
  • 5.6” LCD screen and 4-button keyboard.
  • Password protected access.
  • Different user levels.
  • Light and sound alarm.
  • Event log exportable to a .csv file, compatible with spreadsheets.
  • Protection of the information in the event of possible power outages.
  • Power supply 110VAC or 220VAC 50/ 60Hz.


Alpres monitor that centralizes the information of the transmitters connected to its network.

The Alpres-M2 features a high-contrast monochrome LCD display and offers access to logged data and settings from any PC on your network without the need of installing software.