Pressure and vacuum digital transmission – Alpres


  • Measurement in Bar. Range from 0 to 400 bar.
  • Keyboard configuration.
  • Password protection of menu and settings.
  • 8-digit LCD display with backlight. Sound and light alarm.
  • Modbus communication for integration with control systems.


  • External light and sound alarm.
  • Possibility of simultaneously accessing the information of up to 16 Alpreses through the Alpres-M2 concentrator.
  • Optional battery power to ensure the autonomy of the equipment in the event of a power failure.
  • Ensure the proper functioning of your gas supply system and avoid any issues.


Applications in medical and industrial areas.

The Alpres is an advanced equipment in terms of security. This high-precision digital pressure and vacuum transmitter activates light and sound alarms when the pressure in the line exceeds the previously established values.

It is designed to anticipate unsafe situations in gas supply systems in health institutions, industries that use bottled gases during the production process, etc.