Head Office

Our App in the cloud

Administration of service stations and fleets.

The Head Office is a software in the cloud specially designed by Pump Control to manage and to supervise both public and private gas stations. Through a PC, its users can enter www.fleet-online.com.ar to access the necessary information.

Pump Online: it is an essential tool to control and to manage service stations as it provides a flexible and scalable solution for remote management.

Fleet Online: provides administration and control for one or more dispatching centers that offer fuel to owned vehicles.


  • Allows review of billing.
  • Performs shift closures.
  • Allows to obtain reports and to know the consumption habits of your customers in one or several stations.
  • Centralization of all transactions.
  • Display of information in real time.
  • Management of up to 32 hoses.
  • Centralization of dispatching centers and service stations.
  • Integration with ATG-Automatic Tank Gauging.


Forecourt controller

The control of fuel dispatches is possible at all times. Real-time information on dispatches of your stations.

Sorted by:

  • Forecourt / groups of forecourts.
  • Pump.
  • Hose.
  • Date.
  • And more.

Since these are web solutions, they do not take up any space on your servers. With any PC connected to Internet, operational and commercial movements are supervised, regardless of the operating system used.

Head Office Fleet online Pump Control

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