• Encrypted data to protect your information.
  • USB powered.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • It does not alter the original system since it uses the RS232 interface provided by Veeder Root for this purpose.


WiPoint is a device designed to interface between TLS 250/350 ATG systems, giving the possibility of updating your old Automatic Tank Gauging and connecting it to our Head Office cloud management system.

This new solution allows generating historical stock reports and viewing by tank of the last data entered and product income. In addition, users can activate critical status alerts on Telegram and review all this information in real time from our App.

The installation of WiPoint is very simple and consists of three simple steps:

  • Connect to 110 or 220 VAC with a cell phone charger and connect it to the available WiFi network.
  • Connect WiPoint to the ATG console with the DB9 connector.
  • Our HelpDesk team performs the configuration in Head Office and delivers the username and password.