Electronic register for dispensers – KI22


KI22 is an electronic register designed to guarantee precision in the dispatches of mechanical dispensers of liquid fuels and LPG.

Its characteristics make it a versatile solution capable of adapting to different areas of use, such as mobile dispatch units or private gas station, as well as working outdoors under adverse weather conditions.

With the KI22 electronic register you can predetermine shipments by amount or volume. In its configurable displays you will be able to view the dispatch volume (gross and net), temperature and total and unit price of the dispatch if necessary.

Our KI22 electronic head has the possibility of compensation for fuel temperature, providing greater accuracy when making the dispatch.

If your company has a fleet of trucks / vehicles and is interested in you want to manage the dispatch of fuel our KI22 electronic register has excellent communication with our Fleet+ and Fleet mini solutions, in addition, it has the necessary technology for RFID sensors , used in the identification of vehicles or drivers / drivers. On the other hand, you can record the odometer of your vehicle fleet through your keyboard.

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