Compact Management System – C3


  • Identification of vehicles with RF devices.
  • Equipment for fleets up to 100 vehicles.
  • Control of KI-04 or KI22 dispenser (up to 2 hoses) and dispatch authorization.
  • The system authorizes and rejects dispatches by validating tags.
  • Restrictions: maximum volume per dispatch, product to dispatch, vehicle, driver.
  • Embedded web interface for configuration and database loading.
  • Storage of all transactions.
  • Color touch screen.
  • Simple use and fast interface.
  • Display of PPU, volume, amount of dispatch in progress.


The Compact Management System – C3 is an equipment designed for the management, control, and authorization of fuel dispatches for companies with fleets up to 100 vehicles.

Its touch screen provides an optimal user experience, making its use simple and intuitive. Here, the user can select the hose to be used, to enter vehicle information, and to see if the dispatch is authorized or not in a clear and fast way.

This equipment authorizes the vehicles that are registered in the system and makes the following restrictions: maximum volume per dispatch, product to dispatch, vehicle, license plate, and driver.