• Touch screen with tank and dispenser information.
  • Wireless communications.
  • Fuel control of each vehicle (forecourt, dispenser, volume, date, and time of each load).
  • Control of each outlet.
  • Identification and registration of an unlimited number of vehicles.
  • Web access through Head Office.
  • Reports and statistics.
  • Data backup with the highest levels of security.
  • Integration with an ATG (optional).
  • Control of fuel stock in real time.
  • Centralization of several load centers.
  • Compatibility with main brands of dispensers.


Fleet+ is a fuel management system for vehicle fleets.

Its function is to automate the control and registration of dispatches in real time, allowing companies to optimize fuel consumption and avoiding losing money.

Fleet+ allows dispatches when the vehicle and the forecourt operator are identified and authorized. This identification is done through different sensors installed at the nozzles, in the dispenser, and in the vehicles. At the time of dispatch, the operator must identify himself or herself through a reader keychain at the pump. Then, when refueling the vehicle, the nozzle of the dispenser reads the ID reader in the car’s loading mouth and if it is authorized, the load is enabled.

All this information is stored in Head Office, Pump Control SRL’s cloud management system, allowing to have a real-time historical record of each dispatch (vehicle, vehicle kilometers, forecourt operator, liters loaded, date and time), to generate the necessary reports, and to consult them from any device with internet access or through our Pump Control App.

Fleet+ can be installed in a service station’s forecourt or in a tank truck, allowing to control dispatches no matter the work context. Also, it can be integrated with an ATG – Automatic Tank Gauging – to carry out comprehensive control of fuel consumption and stock.